6.Market shelters

Markets are one of the attractive places for females to roam around, because, shopping is always in their mind. Besides,  it is always said that whenever you newly visit any place, its good to start from a market because from their get to know their culture, language, living etc. If you are roaming around in the market you will notice one thing is that local people are more friendly there. This is the reason markets need to be preserved, kept clean, airy etc all the time.

In India, 60% of the markets in city are open. Vendors are sitting on the edge or below the footpath and selling their material. All the covered ones are mess and they only consist of vegetables, fruits , meat etc. Initially when Britishers planned markets like Crawford, where there is dedicated spaces for every thing, so it became easy for the people to shop and roam around. But in open markets it becomes difficult. Which attacks the major problems in the cities like traffic, street crowd, noise pollution and many more. It is not possible for them to stop selling their good because ours and theirs life is dependent on each other  but there can be solution for the same.

Recently, When i visited Dubai, I came across these places called ‘souks’. ‘Souks’ are nothing but markets in Arabic culture. There are around 20-30 souks in Old Dubai, among them was Al suq. Al suq is a street where all garments, clothing, spices etc shops are located and looks like a never ending street.


6.1 Prespective View of Al Suq Street.

While exploring around in the heat, saw the entrance of the market and stepped ahead. As we entered it was little cool inside compared to the outside heat. Being an architecture student ,the pergola grabbed my attention and made me observe the intricate details of the same. This load bearing structure is beautifully carved and finished with perfect amount of openings to it and to enjoy evening shopping the solar lamps are placed equidistant.


6.2. Joinery, carving details and Lamp.

Cane mat false ceiling makes the environment soothing in the hot summer. Cane here helps the hot air conditioned and spreads the coolness. 20170528_120243.jpg

Every Open markets around the world should try something related to this technique to welcome more customers, tourists etc and also they should leave the place happily.

Stay happy! Live young ! Keep smiling 🙂













































































































































































































































































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