Mumbai! was the combination of seven islands; Chota colaba, Bada Colaba, Mazagaon, Worli, Sewree, Shiv and Mahim where most of the islands had fort for its security. Today if we see these places have become source of entertainment, while some are hardly retained. Bandra fort is the only fort the place of visitor’s attraction.

Recently, when i was travelling to Worli via Bandra Worli sealink, I saw this grand stone structure at the tip of Worli. Structure is nothing but Worli Fort. Fort is surrounded by the slums and residents call it “Worli Koliwada”. Once upon a time this fort had its own pride but today it has become an undiscovered piece of land. When the sealink is starting, we are very much excited about its infrastructure and skyline of Mumbai but when the journey is ending the fort steals your vision and makes you think about it.

Don’t you think such heritage structure should be open for public and tourists to know about Mumbai’s history? and also involve future generation in the same process which will make them proud.


5.1. View of Worli fort from Bandra Worli Sea-link (stone structure is a Worli fort)



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