I was very much excited to work in an office, the one which I earned on my own efforts. I did do some internships before starting with my academic internship but for a very short period of time.Its always a great experience! You know you are neglected but shouldn’t much focus on that part rather explore, observe and try to learn something. My parents always advised me  that’ You should always be stupid as a student, ask stupid questions etc but always be humble and have patience.’

The place where i did my internship at Nbz architects had a building compound wall adjacent to the office window, which actually bifurcated ours and the neighbouring textile designer’s office. But Manoj kaka (Sir’s Assistant who is also an artist) painted that wall every year with some creative paintings. I joined the office in December so even i got an opportunity to be a part of it. Maseera (colleague and jr. architect) came up with many ideas. Eventually a thought of Rubik cube popped through some conversation and decided to paint the same.

Next day, early morning all fresh colours were opened and work started ,painting finished with a weeks time. During this work process,once I was sitting alone in office (maseera left early and Manoj Kaka was painting) and was googling some things. I typed ‘rubik cube’ on google and googling went little intense. There the screen said  Inventor of Rubik cube is Ar. Erno Rubik. I was shocked! Started screaming but Manoj Kaka didnt get it. I really wanted to hug someone and talk about it (sounds romantic but yeah!). The same day I realized architecture can create wonders. We are trained in such a way that you can rule the world.


4.1. Half painted wall

So this is to all my architecture friends,

Who think they are pissed of this profession or an education, just give it a chance, play with it you will surely find something new. Myself also being a student don’t know the path or a future but I am enjoying it.

Stay happy! Live young ! Keep similing 🙂


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