‘Interaction’ everyone in today’s world are running away from this word, only interaction happens is through social networking sites. We hardly interact with people around us and in city life is equal to zero. But interacting with people is very important for a person to gain knowledge, personal growth etc. There shouldn’t be a time where people completely forget to talk even to their loved like parents and grandparent and that time isn’t far away. Its better to strike while the iron is hot. Even Sir Albert Einstein once said that ‘ I fear the technology will surpass the human interaction and world will have generation of idiots.”

While travelling from Sawantwadi to Malvan, we stopped for lunch at my Mama’s place. Till the food was getting ready my cousin introduced me to his village and showed me each and every rare thing there. As we were exploring around, I saw this long and huge verandah covered with sloping roof. It made me curious to go inside and see the detail of it.


3.1 The long verandah

There were group of ladies chit chatting in the inner verandah and I was confused. And so many questions were hitting on  my mind. So i asked those ladies why did they stretched this place? Is it for getting more space for their own houses? Or something else? Then a lady with a beautiful smile was eager to explain about the concept.

She said that ‘ People in all these houses belong to the same family but some are cousins while some are close relatives. Creating this big and long verandah outside our houses was to keep the family connected. Not only just family connected but people in the family should also interact with the people outside the family. Therefore we have constructed those benches to sit. Where people from village or from neighbouring village come, sit and chat for some time. Else my kids and grandchildren will be completely away from the outside world. Plus this verandah helps us during family functions which saves our money to spend in booking community hall (sarcastically).’


3.2.Inner view of verandah


3.3.Benches for sitting.


3.4.Lady behind this great idea (I forgot her name).

This is very much surprising. People staying and living a rural life can think so much ahead then why can’t we adapt their ideas in our living. Not 100% but at least some. A small interaction with her changed my perspective towards living. Hope it will change your too.

Stay long! Live young! Keep smiling 🙂


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