2.Pipe roofs

If you are travelling on the konkan belt specially in Sawantwadi village, you will find these roofs sheltering many houses. These are very old type of roof and probably first ones after dried grass. Many houses still use them because they say ‘it adds beauty to their house’ and it sure does.


2.1.The roof with pipe tiles

Basic material used for the making of tiles is clay. Same procedure is followed as mangalore tiles, But for roofing more number of pipes are required.

Maintenance is one the major problem in these roof.

  1. Rodents problem. Therefore the pipes should be placed properly on each other else rodents enter the house from top.
  2. During rains the upper layer of tiles are rotated, so that the water flows easily and not enter the house.
  3. Cleaning is one the toughest thing. There are chances of breaking the tiles as they are fragile (as well as you falling down ).


2.2.Pipe tiles

But during summer they are very beneficial as they keep away the humidity with constant flow of air.

Now Mangalore Tiles are taking over these tiles, they are easier to maintain and economical also. But atleast a small part of the roof should be covered with these tiles to maintain the heritage of the konkan belt. If you stay or have native in this region then sure look after these small things else the new generation will only know that konkan is about fish and sea.


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