9. Place of worship in vicinity

A place of worship can be anything, a temple, church, synagogue, dargah etc. In India, the place of worship depends on the population in that area for eg. If the area has more of Hindu population then there will be a temple nearby if its Muslin the there will be a dargah. whereas some places are […]

8. Mill Lands

Mills are one of the icons of Mumbai. They have been the biggest financial support for the 50% of the Mumbai’s population in mid 90’s. Girangaon which is known as Girgaon now was the named after having many mills in that area where maximum mill workers had their residence there. Even Lalbaug and Parel also […]

7. Traffic islands

Traffic islands! We indians call it chowk. Every cross road in India is named after politician, great leader etc. Typical design of a small traffic island indicates, some memorial, sayings etc with landscape around it. While a big traffic island has a statue in memory of great personality and landscape around it. There are two […]

6.Market shelters

Markets are one of the attractive places for females to roam around, because, shopping is always in their mind. Besides,  it is always said that whenever you newly visit any place, its good to start from a market because from their get to know their culture, language, living etc. If you are roaming around in […]


Mumbai! was the combination of seven islands; Chota colaba, Bada Colaba, Mazagaon, Worli, Sewree, Shiv and Mahim where most of the islands had fort for its security. Today if we see these places have become source of entertainment, while some are hardly retained. Bandra fort is the only fort the place of visitor’s attraction. Recently, […]